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Steady Hands

The K2 students had fun playing a game of balance with each other using the wooden blocks. It all started when one student began to stack some blocks, building a high tower, and watching it fall down. Two students became interested and gathered towards the area to also build a tower. After a suggestion and a quick demonstration, the students attempted to try a new game.

The students used a lot of concentration and with steady hands, took turns picking a block and piling it on top of each other. Each student became more and more excited as they finished their turn and encouraged their friend to continue the tower. Screams of excitement and laughter filled the room each time a student completed their turn without breaking the tower. The excitement doubled when the block tower finally tipped over. Without any hesitation, the students started over again trying to build and balance a higher tower than the last round.

The students enjoyed the game immensely, and what's great is that the game developed organically from what one student was doing - simply stacking some blocks and then knocking them down. This seemingly mundane play led to a game that required the class to come together and concentrate with a single focus. They used their communication and planning skills to decide the rules of the game and to take turns in playing it. It also allowed them more time to work on socialization as they encouraged each other to succeed in the game. Another example of play and imagination leading to creation and learning.

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