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Classroom Responsibilities

By Teacher Selly

In many settings, children often find themselves waiting for adults to make decisions and take action on their behalf, simply because they're children. 

However, in our classroom, we prioritize empowering our students to be independent individuals from an early age. Through daily life experiences, they learn the value of responsibility. From taking attendance to organizing the classroom for the day ahead, our students actively participate in tasks that contribute to the smooth functioning of our environment. Each day, new roles such as line leader, weather watcher, and librarian are assigned, giving students the opportunity to take charge and make decisions that impact their daily activities. 

Whether it's checking the weather or managing the classroom bookshelf, our students rise to the occasion, demonstrating their capability to handle responsibilities that directly affect their lives. 

Encouraging them to fulfill these tasks nurtures a sense of trust and confidence, fostering their growth as responsible individuals.

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