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Nurturing Future Artists: Exploring History and Creativity at OISCA Kindergarten

By Teacher Nicole

"At OISCA International School, we believe in guiding our future artists hand-in-hand towards creative excellence."


At OISCA, we recognize the importance of collaborative learning and nurturing creativity from a young age. Our Year 1 students recently embarked on a journey that intertwined history with artistic expression. Exploring the significance of the 'Submarine Spitfire' in history not only introduced them to the 'it' CVC word family but also inspired them to depict this iconic aircraft in their artwork.

Just like the intricate steps of a tango, achieving the best results in teaching requires diligence and patience. As educators, we understand the value of meticulously guiding each stroke of our students' creations and allowing them the time they need to fully express themselves. By mirroring our actions, children learn and grow, resulting in satisfying and astonishing outcomes.


At OISCA, we remain steadfast in holding our students' hands as they navigate their creative journeys, ensuring they flourish and reach their full potential.

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