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Science Classes in Early Age Education

By Teacher Marina

Children are naturally attracted to wonders of the world around them. That is why science appeals to their inquisitive minds, helping them to make sense of the things and events they witness. OISCA International Kindergarten believes it is crucial to encourage their curiosity and provide the students with a comfortable environment for fostering skills in analyzing and critical thinking.

OISCA’s classrooms are divided into several zones depending on the activities in the curricular. Regardless the age of students, one of the zones is devoted to Science. It contains all the necessary materials for conducting experiments both individually and with a teacher, books with pictures and information on basic scientific facts and a microscope with a collection of cells to analyze. All these things make Science an instrumental part of the children’s life at school, boosting their development both academically and in terms of socializing.

Why Science Education is important for Early age?

- Develops communicative skills, which is especially useful when the child is struggling with blending in the environment with a language that is not native for them. Children learn how to talk and ask questions about the things they see, how to describe changes and reasons and enhance their vocabulary.

- Gives the students basic science knowledge that will be crucial for their future education.

- Improves collaboration as experiments are often carried on in groups and require team work.

- Develops analytical reasoning and problem-solving

We welcome you to join OISCA and see how your children will explore the world around through experimentation and discovery with the guidance of our teachers.

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