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Musical instruments in the classroom

By Teacher Marina

From the first days of their lives children are exposed to the world of music. Lullaby’s, songs on TV and

nursery rhymes are a crucial part of their early ages. In OISCA we strongly believe that the process of

exploration of music may have a beneficial impact on the children’s development.

Our classrooms are equipped with some basic instruments such as percussions and xylophones. Usually,

they are located in the same area devoted to musical activities (so-called "stations"). The children have

access to the instruments, so they can express their creativity and pair up for playing

different instruments at any time of the day. Teachers guide them by merely explaining how

instruments work, where sounds come from and how to take care of the instruments you play.

So, what do children gain from musical activities?

- First of all, it enhances their brain activity. According to studies, playing musical instruments influences the brain’s development, especially in the area of language development, speech, listening and reading skills.

Moreover, by creating and searching new ideas of using music, children’s brains make more pathways -

neurological connections that impact their overall intellectual abilities.

- Gross motor and fine motor skills. Children are literally exercising and increasing the fitness of their hand coordination and building up physical strength of their fingers, joints, and hands. This will enable them to not only successfully use musical instruments, but hold a pencil properly, use chopsticks and feed themselves, etc.

- Playing instruments helps children to improve self-confidence and decision-making as the process

require some independent thinking What should I press? What sound do I like?). These new skills will

become a solid ground for positive social interactions they will need when they are older.

OISCA welcomes you to tour our the school, so you and your children could see how exactly our

students participate in musical activities and how much joy it brings into their school days.

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