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Frida's World: Explorations in Art and Resilience

By Teacher Selly

In a recent exploration of art and resilience, our Year 1 children immersed themselves into the life and style of the iconic artist Frida Kahlo. They were captivated by her story of overcoming physical challenges and embracing her unique identity. Inspired by Frida's strength of mind, the children embarked on a creative journey of self-reflection. 

During this engaging activity, the children examined their own facial expressions and features, drawing inspiration from Frida's distinctive self-portraits. They captured their individual characteristics while infusing their artwork with personal touches. One child, for example, adorned their portrait with whimsical fishes, adding a playful twist to Frida's traditional floral motifs. 

Through this exploration, the children gained a deeper appreciation for self-expression and resilience. As they interpreted Frida's portraits in their own unique way, they embraced the beauty of their individuality and celebrated the power of creativity to transcend challenges.

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