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Exploring the Depths: OISCA's Inspiring Journey to Sea Life Bangkok Aquarium

By Teacher Nicole

"Children speak a hundred languages." - Loris Malaguzzi


At OISCA International Kindergarten and Day Care, education transcends traditional boundaries, fostering an environment where children's natural curiosity and creativity are celebrated. Guided by the principles of the Emilia Reggio approach, OISCA recognizes the myriad ways in which children express themselves and make sense of the world.


This philosophy comes to life through ongoing project work that begins at the start of each academic year. Through dialogue and observation, themes emerge, shaping the learning path of each class. For Years 1 and 2, the theme of water movement emerged, sparking a deep dive into aquatic ecosystems and marine life wonders.


Today marked a significant milestone in this immersive journey as our students embarked on an unforgettable field trip to Sea Life Bangkok Aquarium. Far from a mere outing, this trip was the culmination of months of exploration and discovery.

Entering the aquarium, their eyes lit up with excitement at the vibrant exhibits and engaging displays. From hands-on touch tanks filled with sea creatures to captivating penguin presentations, every moment was a celebration of the ocean's marvels.

Under the vigilant guidance of our dedicated educators, strict safety measures were observed, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all involved.

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