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Cultivating Serenity: OISCA Zen Gardens Unveiled!

By Teacher Selly

In a world buzzing with energy, OISCA students recently embarked on a tranquil journey of mindfulness through the creation of their own Zen gardens. Armed with sand, an array of colorful pebbles, marbles, rocks, sticks, wooden pieces, seashells, and the treasures of nature – leaves and grass – our little ones became creators of miniature sanctuaries that whisper serenity and calm. The process was not just an artful exploration but a holistic experience for our budding minds. 

As each child meticulously arranged their elements, they not only crafted a visually appealing Zen garden but also embraced the calming power of mindfulness. The rhythmic placement of pebbles, the careful arrangement of sticks, and the soft touch of leaves became a gentle meditation, fostering focus and a sense of tranquility among our young artists.

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