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Cultivating Creativity: OISCA's Mini Zen Gardens and the Language of Expression

By Teacher Nicole

"In the garden of learning, every child is a unique bloom, and at OISCA International Kindergarten, we nurture the seeds of individuality with care and creativity."


At OISCA International Kindergarten, the belief in the power of each child's uniqueness takes center stage. In the Year 1 and 2 classes, the focus goes beyond traditional education, fostering an environment where children are not just taught but allowed to express their feelings and thoughts freely.


In this enriching journey, the importance of English as a language of expression is emphasized, laying the groundwork for effective communication skills. Every Friday, the much-awaited "Show and Tell" activity becomes a platform for the children to showcase their linguistic prowess and creativity.


Recently, the spotlight was on the 'en' CVC word family for Year 1 and the 'sp' beginning blends for Year 2, giving rise to the creation of personalized mini-Zen gardens. Year 1 embraced the tranquility of 'en,' while Year 2 added an extra layer of creativity with their 'spiral zen gardens.' These little masterpieces were complete with handmade clay water bodies, intricately raked sand patterns, pebbles, miniature fishes, shells, and more.

The excitement in the air as the children spoke about their creations was palpable. The culmination of the project wasn't just a presentation; it was an expression of their personalities. As they eagerly took their miniature Zen gardens home, they not only carried a piece of creativity but also the seeds of a love for learning, ready to be nurtured further. At OISCA, we understand that in the garden of education, every child is a unique bloom, and we take pride in cultivating their creativity and language of expression.

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