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Creative Exploration: OISCA International School's Art Journey with 'Black Paper Art'

By Teacher Nicole

 "At OISCA, creativity knows no bounds as our Year 2 students delve into the world of art, blending mediums with finesse to craft masterpieces."

In our OISCA kindergarten, the journey of creativity is as colorful as the artworks our students produce. Year 2 students recently embarked on an artistic adventure, exploring the 'ck' end blends through the innovative medium of 'black paper art.' What set this activity apart was our emphasis on precision and finesse. Instead of relying on erasers, students meticulously crafted each stroke using white pencils, resulting in stunning cacti illustrations that truly impressed. To elevate their creations further, color pencils were skillfully employed, adding depth and vibrancy. At OISCA, we believe in not only fostering creativity but also in refining it to perfection. Our approach ensures that every artistic endeavor is a masterpiece in its own right, enriching both learning and imagination.

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