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Charting New Territories: OISCA Kindergarten's Map Adventures

By Teacher Nicole

 "With our young OISCA explorers, every step into the unknown becomes an exciting journey."


At OISCA Kindergarten, we believe in empowering our young learners with essential life skills, including navigation. In a recent activity, our Year 1 and Year 2 students delved into the world of map symbols, discovering key landmarks such as toilets, exits, nearby schools, construction zones, and restaurants. Not only did they quickly grasp the significance of these symbols, but they also efficiently completed worksheets, matching and writing the correct symbols alongside their indications.


This exercise not only enhances their understanding of maps but also fosters independence and confidence in navigating their surroundings. As they venture forth into the world, our OISCA explorers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate with ease and safety, making every exploration a memorable adventure.


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