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When Kindness Counts

It may be a delightful secret for parents to know that their little ones' personalities may change dramatically from the home setting to the school setting. At home, they are your baby, often tantruming, whining, complaining, and using every trick in their arsenal to tug on your heart strings and get their way. They know and understand that you will love them no matter what they pull, and so sometimes they pull a lot.

In the classroom, however, things are much different. All the very wonderful values you instill in them both blatant and subtle show up in the most uncanny of ways. In a kindergarten classroom, that last thing you want to be pegged is a baby. So you strap into your big kid pants to comfort friends who are hurting, help friends who are in need, assist the teacher whenever she needs help, and show kindness, sharing, manners, compassion, and empathy.

While at home they may whine, at school they use their words. While at home they may grab, pull, and snatch, at school they ask permission, share, share, and share some more. I have seen my students take such incredible care of each other it’s stolen my breath away. The good things that happen in the household among the warm confines of a loving home resonate a million times over with each kind, thoughtful, and loving gesture made between friends at school. It shows each and every onlooker what a great job you're doing at home!!️

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