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Our story

OISCA International is the largest non-profit organization (NPO) in Japan, establishing developmental projects in more than thirty countries for over half a century. OISCA stands for the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual, and Cultural Advancement with a mission to “serve humanity through environmentally, socially, culturally, and economically sustainable development.” 

OISCA International Kindergarten and Day Care in Bangkok continues to uphold that mission by empowering their students, transforming them from young people into becoming contributing members of the community.

With over 1 1 years of experience, our kindergarten is committed to sustainability by cultivating mindfulness practices in our every-day lives - which not only extends to the environment, but also to be mindful of ourselves and others. 

Bringing the natural world into our classroom

Campus rooted in sustainability and inspired by nature

Our school embrace sustainability through the learning environment, curriculum and co-curricular activities.