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What Shall We Eat?

The OISCA backyard had a little renovation during the summer and these new K-2 students had an absolute blast in the new picnic area. The picnic area is fully loaded with two picnic tables, an umbrella to cool off from Thailand's heat, a flatware set, and a variety of cooking utensils for the students to use. No explanations were needed as the students got right into it!

The K-2 students here were getting ready to open up their own little food stall, having made their very own concoctions of sand pancakes and stone soup with all-natural materials found in our garden. Using different tools, spatula, ladle, and egg mixer, these students show off their fine motor skills as they are seen mixing up their pancake batch and scooping the stone soup into various cuttings of a serving plate. Now, who would not want to try out these fun and yummy foods?!

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