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What's in a Name?

O.I.S.C.A. International Kindergarten and Day Care is already a bit wordy for the name of a school. Still this is nothing compared to the full title of the school: Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement International Kindergarten and Day Care. If I had to say that every time I answered the phone, I would definitely need more vacation days! Founded in 1961 as a non profit organization in Japan with the mission statement to "serve humanity through environmentally, socially, culturally and economically sustainable development." OISCA International has projects in over 30 countries around the world in various disciplines (education, environmental education, rural development and conservation, and rehabilitation of forests and marine resources). At our kindergarten, we uphold that mission by developing our students to transform from raw youth to being well on their way to reaching their potential as a member of the community. The must be able to navigate the life ahead of them and we must do our best to equip them for this journey. To this end, cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead said it best: “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” #oiscainternationalbangkok #kindergarten #Internationalschoolbangkok #bangkokschool

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