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What's Cooking?

Once a month, each class at Oisca has their own cooking class. While some might think kids of such an early age do not need to be learning cooking, we beg to differ. The cooking classes, like many group projects and activities foster a strong sense of communication and cooperation for the students. A myriad of skills is learned and practiced during a cooking class. On the language side, they are exposed to specific food and cooking and practical vocabulary such as "recipe' 'kitchen' 'ingredients' 'stir', 'heat', 'cut', mix', 'wash', 'measure' and so on. By looking at a list of ingredients, they see basic amounts and quantities that are needed invoking quantitative skills. Physically, they are practicing many fine motor skills by preparing the cooking equipment, the ingredients, and the meal itself. Students, especially the older ones who have use complicated recipes and tools, learn practical safety - such as around knives and stoves.

Even our youngest class of 2-3 year olds can enjoy a cooking class by simple exercises such as washing , peeling, and eventually slicing a banana. What makes it more fun is they get to top the banana off with a cherry and chocolate sauce...and perhaps most enjoyable of all - they get to eat their own creations!

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