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True Grit

Every year we have our Sports Day celebration in February. The students have a chance to compete in different events that test their focus and physical fitness and skills. It's always a fun day and bursting with energy as students, parents, teachers, and staff all get caught up in the joy. The weeks or two prior to the event, teachers and students run through the different games they'll be competing in. They go over the rules and practice the actual skills involved in each event. They practice the cheers for their classmates and their team. One thing that is not taught, and perhaps can not be taught, is the idea of "Grit". We think of "grit" as a kind of toughness and often compare it to "not giving up" and "seeing things through." A sense of "fighting spirit" and perseverance. These ideas can be taught in theory but in actual practice, it comes down to the individual's character and level of development. Of all the moments at this year's event, my favorite has got to be the story that is told in the photos above. Look at Yuki's face. Even when he falls, he has a great smile on his face - it's as if he knows, this is not going to keep him down. No such thing as defeat on his mind. Look at his smile as he gets up and continues on - it's magnificent. Lesson learned for anyone, including me, witnessing this feat. Be like Yuki. Be magnificent. #oiscainternationalbangkok #kindergarten #truegrit

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