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'Tis The Season

It all starts with theme work. December lends itself easily to the main holiday, Christmas. With Christmas as theme, each class whether it's mathematics (counting reindeer or snowflakes), science (making gingerbread), or languages (singing a Christmas carol) - all can be centered around the theme. Art lends itself easily, as many classes will create Christmas ornaments or write and illustrate Christmas cards to Santa or to a family member.

This class first visits the Oisca Christmas tree in our library to get the idea of what an actual Christmas tree looks like. Students are encouraged to touch it and move around it, observing from all different angles.

Next, it's back to the classroom to see another example of a Christmas tree in their own class.

Now armed with two real-world examples, the students set off to create their very own Christmas trees. Starting with observing the teacher's well-made sample - the students then can picture the goal of the task. They are presented with their materials: a pine cone, some paint, glue, glitter and stickers, and clay. Armed with these and fueled by their own imaginations and creativity, the children get to work on their future masterpieces.

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