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The Right Kind of Video

In the past teachers and educators used songs and rhymes as mnemonic devices to help develop children’s mastery and recall of a range of topics.  With the advent of technological advances we are now able to access quality interactive kid directed programs online and on YouTube.  While there remains some debate about the quantity of technology used in classrooms, accessing short music, videos, songs, skits, and other educational programming can be a great tool to enhance a student’s learning.  

The right video with the proper content can boost children’s memory, improve their vocabulary and even augment their listening skills. It can also provide a great way of introducing foreign content that may be brand new to some learners.   Songs and chants that involve movement and dance are also a great way to encourage active participation from students across the learning style spectrum.  Our students love to sing and dance along as they practice reciting the days of the week, types of weather, the numbers 1-10, letters and phonics sounds, and even the proper way to hold their breath underwater! Even my most reluctant learners can be seen absentmindedly bopping along to their favorite tunes! The right content also elicits interest and sparks fantastic conversations among students.  If the content is relevant and thoughtful and very kid friendly, a three minute video can go a long long way in learning!  

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