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The Language of Clay

Throughout the year, our teachers participate in workshops and trainings during our "Teacher In-Service Days." These are times for teachers to sharpen their skills or learn and develop new ones.

Here we see teachers participating in a workshop that focuses on clay. Although it may seem straightforward, it is anything but. Traditional clay workshops, especially at the beginner level will have students focus on technique and recreating a model. Students will be tasked with copying and making an object like a cup or pot.

For this workshop, it is more of a focus on the 'language of clay' and how to express yourself through the medium of clay. This opens the door for more creativity and less focus on technique per se. Students are encourages to use their own vocabulary and embody it in clay. So for each student, a unique story is told - a unique message is expressed. This is the idea that teachers will pass on to their students. As each student has varying levels of their developing vocabulary and different ways to express themselves - this is a method to expose them to when working with clay.

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