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Teachers, Be Aware!

“I make the black and white pattern because my Chinese name is little zebra. So I made my necklace black and white like the stripes on the zebra.”

These are the words and the moments that teachers should be aware of. They tell us so much about how a child’s thought processes and how they make connections in the world to create coherent pictures.

The above statement included two languages: Chinese and English. It referred to science and nature with the zebra metaphor. We furthered our knowledge of where the zebra comes from. Therefore introducing geography.

Patterning referred to mathematics. Whilst the physical activity of threading and beading necklaces improves hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. The children additionally had to search for and identify the letters of their name for this necklace.

We branded the necklace a pretty little thing. In this fashion, we revisited the beginning blend of our language lesson, which was 'pr.'

Children are truly beings of endless In depth perceptions and potential.

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