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Tadpoles and Olympians

It was another terrific day in OISCA's K1, with another wonderful surprise in store for the K1 teacher! Just two short weeks ago, two of these students were so terrified of the water, they could barely be coaxed into dipping their tiny toes in, let alone submerging their entire bodies, without devolving into a shrieking fit of wails and tears!  As a teacher to this new crew, I was a little nervous about how they would handle not only moving up an entire grade level, but also actually having to get into the pool!

But these K1 kids, rose to the challenge beautifully, taking to the water, like little frogs, completely fearless and completely at their ease! Usually, Teacher David’s lesson on blowing bubbles into the water is reserved for Week 3 or 4, but they literally blew through today’s lesson, as well as through the water, as if they were born in a pool! I could not be more impressed by their fearlessness, agility, and willingness to try everything!  It was amazing and humbling! I will definitely be on the lookout for these little tadpoles come Olympics 2030!

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