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Sunny D!

In these times of pandemic, it's extremely important to make sure we are doing our best to stay healthy. Sure, we can follow guidelines related to covid-19 like mask wearing, washing hands and good hygiene, and social distancing. However, we should not ignore the simple beauty of our own innate immune system. We can keep ourselves heathy by focusing on the most basic aspects of our daily lives: getting enough sleep, eating well, and getting regular exercise. Another great and fairly easy way(for those of us in Thailand!) to boost our immune systems is getting enough vitamin D, especially natural vitamin D from the sun.

One aspect of daily school life at Oisca is our outdoor play sessions. Not only because we can fully utilize Oisca Park (our 1000 square meter private playground) but also to expose students to fresh air, open spaces, and vitamin d from the sun.

Vitamin D3 is from the sun helps us in so many ways including: boost the immune system, protect against infections, and help our bodies absorb calcium - aiding in bone growth and the body's development. Despite all these great benefits, a 2012 study from the US National Institute of Health stated that Vitamin D insufficiency affects almost 50% of the population worldwide. For us in Bangkok, we really need to take advantage of having a powerful (sometimes too much) sun at our disposal. So go out and get that sunny delight of natural Vitamin D3!

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