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Water play provides important experiences to help develop children’s imagination and

creativity. It allows children to make discoveries and explore outcomes. Exposing your children to the environment at an early age will help them in many areas in the future.

Benefits of water play

Social & Emotional Growth

Water play can be both refreshing and calming for toddlers. It helps their ability to focus on one activity. It also encourages social skills like interacting and sharing with other toddlers. They learn take turns and share the space and toys with their friends.

Language & Vocabulary

When playing with water, children tend to increase and learn new vocabulary by using new toys, containers, and various other tools. They build new vocabulary around these objects as well as the actions they are performing.

Basic Mathematical skills

Playing with water involves mathematical concepts such as measurement and volume and it will introduce children to learn about full and empty, more and less etc. Water play can also help you be creative with counting activities, such as counting how many items float or sink.

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