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Show and Tell...and Improve

Show and Tell is always a great activity for us. The students are able to improve on quite a few things. Firstly, is their ability to communicate in English. For most of our students English is their second or even third language, so this is big challenge for them. It is also a chance for students to display their individuality and creativity - due to the fact that they can often choose which subject to Show and Tell about. Although the class had a theme (animals) students still had to choose which animal and why. This allows them to show their individuality and imagination. Some students opted to bring in a toy of an animal, while others BECAME the animals themselves - initiating them with gestures and sounds. Students also engage their organization and storytelling skills as they must present to the class. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the students get a very early dose of public speaking in front of an audience. They must overcome their anxiety and fears and be able to present clear ideas to a group from diverse cultural and language backgrounds. This skills come out intuitively as they do their Show and Tell and it is a pure joy to watch them struggle and then overcome the obstacles in their way.

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