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Shadows and Light

The year one and two class began exploring shadows for a more in depth project.

The Oisca art room is a perfect setting to play and explore the realm of the shadow.

The children experimented with the overhead projector and various materials and objects to discover what has a shadow or not. As they worked, they collaborated as a group and discussed at length what they were trying to achieve.

This was an activity that due to the high level of interaction and teamwork would help them develop bonds and  positive self-concepts. Whilst supporting new skills in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and artistic technique and effect.  It surely encouraged their natural curiosity about light and shadow, and it was enjoyable to listen to their animated problem solving conversations and enthusiasm for discovery on multiple levels. Children learn best when caring adults show interest in their efforts. Therefore, at Oisca we are documenting the children’s projects and providing them with opportunities to extend their learning. Stay tuned for more!

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