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Provocation: to encourage the child to extend and describe their thought processes through discovery with open ended questioning.

Tadashi asked me to come a look at a sand ball that he had made.

Tadashi: Look at my big sand ball.

Iola: Wow! That is a beautiful sand ball.

Tadashi: It is like a ball, a sphere.

Iola: Good you remember the shape of it. But what would happen to your sand ball if you put it in the river?

Tadashi: I don’t know.

Iola: Why don’t you try and see?

He goes to the river and places the sand ball in the water. It disintegrates and mixes with the water.

Iola: What happened to it?

Tadashi: Look! It’s now a river ball!

Iola: So it is. It became part of the river.

He therefore described the transformation of the mixing of the sand and the water and saw that it had become an integral part of the river. He was very excited to be the instigator of this process.

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