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Nature Play

Do you remember playing outdoor in the sunshine with your friends? For many of us, these outdoor play times are some of our best memories from childhood. Today, unfortunately, many children are cooped up indoors in front of a screen. One of our biggest priorities at OISCA is exposing children to outdoor play –luckily we have our private park to do so.

Here are some benefits:

Physical benefits

Children will be able to build their motor skills and strength by climbing, jumping, balancing, playing on the slide and swing. Additionally, sunlight keeps the immune system strong. It also helps children to produce vitamin D and get fresh air. Moreover, playing outdoors can help children get the sleep they need. They get exposure to sunlight which helps regulates the body’s internal clock. Children tend to burn more energy during outdoor activities which makes them more tired and easier to go to bed.

Social benefits

Here at OISCA we encourage children to play with different age groups which has numerous advantages. Older children have the chance to be mentors and take leadership roles and the younger ones can boost their self-esteem while interacting with older children while playing or communicating with them.

Learning about nature

Outdoor play encourages children to appreciate nature and not be afraid of it. With our wonderful facilities like the sand pit, private park, turtle hills etc helps our children to respect the environment. Natural environment offers bigger space for free movement, noisier play and direct connection with weather, seasons, and shadows.

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