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Let’s Look up at the Sky

The K2 students made a sky log this week as they continued to learn more about Day and Night. Twice a day for five straight days, the students observed the sky and drew what they saw. Each day at school, the students would sit outside in front of the flagpole and watch the sky for a few minutes. After looking up at the sky, the students discussed with each other about the color of the sky, if they see the sun, were there clouds, and the shapes, sizes, and color of the clouds before drawing down their


At home, the students made their second observations for the day and logged it in. Since the students all lived in different areas and logs at different times, it was fun and interesting for everyone as they shared their observations the next morning. When asked, the students preferred to look at the sky at night time rather than the day. The students were excited and proudly showed their work to their school bus driver, P’ Sert, on a couple of occasions.

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