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Let’s be Farmers

This week the K2 students became farmers, as they started to plant and garden some vegetables in the OISCA Garden. Following the theme this month about Space and recycling plastic bottles, the students learned about pollution and how most of it is made by humans. How could we help the Earth?

One simple solution would be to use a tumbler instead of buying water in plastic bottles from the store. Although plastic bottles could be recycled, they are often not and mixed into the regular trash. Through some recycling sorting, the K2 students collected some liter-sized bottles and used them to plant some vegetables in the garden. With their recycled plastic water bottle in hand, the students got to work as they first scooped a generous layer of composted dirt into their bottles. The next part was the fun part as they were able to get a close look at their seeds and had fun guessing which vegetable would grow from their chosen seeds. Nothing is more fun than getting your hands dirty! After making a nice and bed of dirt for their “babies,” they each picked a place to hang them. The students completed their farming duties as they gave their babies a nice drink of water before waving goodbye.

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