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Keep On Giving

Every month each class at OISCA has a cooking class. Depending on the level of skill and difficulty required, the 'cooking' can be as simple as decorating a pre-made cookie or making som tum from scratch. Today our K2 class (4 to 5 year olds) made a jelly snack or 'jello' as most Americans refer to it as.

Teacher Carol took the students through the whole process from preparing the ingredients and equipment to the actual making of the jello to the dishing out of the individual portions. Normally, most classes call this a 'mission accomplished' and enjoy the fruits of their labor by actually eating the snack themselves.

Teacher Carol decided to add extra layers of learning to this cooking class - the acts of of giving and communicating with others. The students knew going into the class that this time instead of cooking for themselves, they would be providing for others. It gave them an even bigger sense of accomplishment as they were able to make something and gift it to others, hearing and seeing the gratitude that they felt when they received them. Additionally, they had to practice their verbal communication skills, linguistic skills (English, Thai and Japanese) and manners as they approached, communicated with, and delivered the jello to various members of staff. On the surface, it is simply a case of a student giving a cup of jello to a member of staff - but most things in life are not so simple. In this case, the gifts were given and both sides benefited from this basic human interaction. Well done K2, let's keep on giving.

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