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Just Move

When discussing education and learning, most tend to imagine the expansion of the mind - learning of languages, calculating numbers and mathematics, exploring scientific concepts, and understanding movements in history of mankind.

It can be argued that, physical abilities, which are often neglected, are just as important to one's health. No need for any special equipment - Just move.

Climb, hang, swim, kick, stretch, slide, balance, swing, run, or even just walk! The point is to move your body and discover your own physical limits and capabilities - and if possible, push them further and expand on them. As adults, we can learn a great deal from children in this area. Children quickly, naturally, and efficiently move and explore the world physically -refining and training both gross and fine motor skills through natural play with the environment around them. "There's a tree. Let's climb it. There's a box. Let's jump over it. There's a leaf. Let's run to it and grab it." There's no room for over-thinking. The simplicity is the beauty and beneficial. Simply - Just move.

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