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In Nature

Feeling the natural world around us is an incredible way to learn. In the age of computers and screen time, it is always delightful to see children interacting with nature.  At OISCA, we are lucky to have access to beautiful nature right in our front yard.  It is a space created for our little learners to explore and traipse, imagine and play. Nature is built into our curriculum.  We step outside and touch, feel, smell, see and immerse ourselves in a wild world of foliage, grass, trees, rocks, water, sand, sunshine, and even critters! 

From seeds, to root systems, to the life cycle of a plant, it is amazing what you can learn from just a handful of leaves, flowers and even twigs.  Through nature our students are able to deeply delve into the incredible world of science, math, language, and art! Nature makes the best kind of classroom!

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