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Healthy Habits

Here at O.I.S.C.A. International School we encourage healthy habits on a daily basis.


Hand washing can be particularly challenging especially getting children to do it right and frequently. Here at O.I.S.C.A. we explain to them the importance of washing hands. We make it fun and make it part of their routine.

Brushing teeth has become an essential part of our routine after lunch. We encourage children to take their time to brush and wash their mouth. Our Teachers brush their teeth along with their children and this makes it a lot more exciting and part of their learning development.

Good manners

We train our teachers and staff to be respectable role models so they can set an example by using good manners throughout the day and demonstrating kindness and respect for others. We teach polite words and phrases, practice good manners/greetings and reinforce kind behavior towards others.

Be positive & Happy!

We help educate our children on the importance of being happy and making others feel happy. Positivity can be taught to children by narrating positive stories to them. We also indulge our children in positive thinking activities and games.

Creating a positive and friendly environment has always been our No.1 goal and surrounding our children with positive teachers and staff has always been valuable. It influences them greatly and teaches them how to perceive things.

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