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Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand eye-coordination is particularly important especially in the early stages of development. It helps tracks the movement of the child's hands with their eyes, which is crucial for reading. This is also linked with fine motor skills which involves smaller muscles groups in your child’s hands, fingers, and wrist. It helps them perform tasks such as zipping clothes, buttoning, feeding themselves, writing, drawing etc. Being able to self-care for themselves will improve their self esteem and confidence. Encouraging such activities at an early age will also help children to feel confident in playing sports, dancing, music and any other future activities they wish to endeavor.

Here in our day care section, we emphasize a lot of our activities on hand eye – coordination. Stacking blocks, button threading, sand pit toys, finger painting, etc. With the variety of activities that we have, the children learn and improve through play every minute of their time in our day care.

Look at our talented day care students enjoying their activities and improving their skills all at the same time!

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