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Good Habits

One major way in which children learn is by mimicking or copying the actions of those around them, including adults. This is why it is important to be mindful of our actions when we are around our kids. If you are constantly fussing with and checking your smartphone, the child understands that the smartphone is somehow important and you'll notice them reaching for your phone at the first opportunity. it's never too late to expose kids to reading. Here we have kids in our day care center exposed to books early on on a regular basis.

Although they cannot yet read or even recognize and identify letters, they can get into the habit of looking at the books. The children show interest in the pictures, colors, and shapes found on the pages - and sometimes even the texture of the book itself. The kids are given time to explore books on their own as well as being read to by our teachers. As kids get accustomed to looking at books, they enjoy it and it fosters a love for books later when they do learn to read.

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