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Fostering that Love

How to foster a love of books and reading for children? Basically don't force it. Simply speaking, they should read books that they like on some level. Whether they are interested in or curious about the subject or simply because they like the pictures and artwork - any reason for them to be attracted to a book is a good reason. Statistics show that, if parents are readers at home, even if they only read for themselves, their children are more likely to be readers themselves. Parental influence is a strong factor. Parents can foster a stronger love of books by actually reading to their children. In America, it is a bit of a tradition to be read a bedtime story by mom or dad just before sleep.

At OISCA, we try and incorporate as much book time as possible. We have time in the classrooms and in the library to either have quiet time where students explore books by themselves or sometimes together. Additionally, we have our teachers reading stories to them. For the young ones, who still are not able to read, it is still very important to expose them to books. They can spend time looking at pictures and trying to understand the stories. All of these things help foster a love of books.

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