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Discussing Science

At Oisca we encourage children to share emerging scientific ideas with their peers and to take note of the views of others. Based on observations it is clear that anyone who works with pre-schoolers and science should take into account not only that children learn from and with each other but also the complexity of their ideas. 

Consequently, young children need support in drawing and attention must be paid to identifying, re-evaluating, and expanding their initial understanding and explanation of scientific concepts and processes. This is done by way of initial experimentation, discussions and explanations of difficult theories. 

The children then can represent artistically their ideas. We discuss again and as the old adage goes a picture can say 1,000 words. A lot more can be perceived about the child’s process from their drawings and creativity.

Naturally, they will be curious and more conversation and self corrections emerge from observing each other’s art. This is where the best science often occurs. It is that space that is held open to the creation of new possibilities through the multiple languages of children.

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