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Daily Updates

Thanks to our school chef, Chef Sato. Our kids eat tasty and healthy meals twice a day (snack and lunch). Included in our daily class updates and photos are photos of the actual food that they eat everyday.

Although in this post, we are only showing the snack and lunch, our daily updates to parents consist of every aspect of their school life: play, study, interactions and so on.

Our daily updates not only inform the parents of the students' activities, it also gives them a glimpse into their school life. In a photo, one student may often be seen playing with a certain classmate often and we can infer that a bond of friendship has been made between the two. Another photo may show the students working on writing their own names.

Additionally, we ask the parents to not only use the daily updates to be informed but to use this as a way to interact with their kids at home. "Oh did you make a clay penguin in class today?" or "How was the spaghetti at lunch today?" These seemingly casual interactions only help to reinforce what the students do at school and with both sides (home and school) discussing the same themes - the students' learning is enriched even further.

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