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Cook Together!

Cooking with your children at home is always a great activity to do at home especially when you’re running out of ideas. It does require time and patience but its worth it!

Here are some benefits:

Develops a curious eater – Children usually become an adventurous when they are exposed to many kinds of food and variety of textures. It helps them to be open to different tastes and makes parents lives much easier. If they are in the kitchen and helping out with the cooking, they will be more keen to try during the process.

Healthier food – It is a known fact that cooking home food is always a healthier choice and introducing this habit to your child at a young age is always a plus point. They will tend to be healthier and happier and will consume less sugary and processed foods.

Speaking and Listening skills – It improves their speaking skills by learning new vocabulary. If they are given instructions, they are also improving their hearing skills. They can gain so much by touching, tasting, smelling, reading and so on.

Physical development & Motor skills – Cooking improves hand eye coordination especially when your mixing, pouring, measuring etc. It improves their muscle movement and gripping skills.

Most importantly it helps build relationship with your child. Spending quality time in the kitchen is always very soothing and fun. It’s a great environment for siblings to work together and build their teamwork skills as a family. It is known to be one of the best ways to bond with your child at home.

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