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When of the greatest parts of the learning process is the making of connections. When something you have discussed in class is actually realized in the world, the learning of that experience becomes 'real' and no longer just a theory or an idea. This type of connection strengthens the student's overall education greatly. In this case, we can see our students on one day, practicing their fine motor skills by doing a simple exercise in our Practical Activity Room. The exercise consists of using a spoon to move small beans from one bowl to another. This is simple enough for many adults who have already developed their fine motor skills but for young learners in kindergarten, it can still be a challenge.

Shortly, after this session in the Practical Activity Room, the students had a cooking class. The goal was to make Valentine's Day Heart sandwiches - with one of the key ingredients being sprinkles. Just as they practiced earlier in the week with the beans, the picking up of the sprinkles with a spoon, the moving of them onto the bread - all of these skills were exactly what they had practiced in the practical skills class. To now see and experience the real-life application of these skills cemented the learning for the students.

We strive to create opportunities like this on daily basis. Opportunities in which the ideas in class can be realized in the real world. The more connections make, the faster the learning develops.

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