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Blank Canvases

In our school's park, we have a campfire area - complete with benches, 'campfire' and a teepee. The children can gather there and have story time with the teachers or simply just use the space for play and exercise their imaginations.

Our students noticed the pure white of the teepee covering and saw this as an opportunity to create something and do it together. Most would not give a second look at the teepee and simply log it in their brains as 'a teepee.' But our kids saw a blank canvas. The artists inside them had an urge to create. So with the teachers guidance, the quickly set to their project: designing, decorating, and transforming the teepee into an art piece. Satisfied with this work of communal art, they started to ponder the questions. Where's the next blank canvas? And what will we create next in the world?

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