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Applying new knowledge

Using the overhead projector to change the tree from winter to autumn

Making sense of the world should be the aim of a coherent educational philosophy.

If the child can make connections and sense of the surrounding environment then they will discover important links between different subjects and disciplines.

In the years 1/2 and 3 class we have been studying time and the changing of the seasons. They are learning what processes occur at different times of the year and associated vocabulary.

During an independent play and discovery lesson in the art room the children applied their new found knowledge and transformed their winter tree art work into one that was an autumnal tree. They were busy searching for the correct colours and materials to transform their work whilst using the over head projector.

“The leaves are all falling down.” - Mirei

Thus the link was made between time, mathematics, change, transformation, art and working together as part of a coherent team whilst communicating ideas in English.

This is what education should be about - expanding the child’s world by making sense of it.

All hands on deck!

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