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A “No Kill” Zone

Our students are obsessed with critters! We are home to turtles, toads, beetles, and more!  Both inside and outside of the classroom, nature serves as an intriguing teacher.  Our students are taught to value even the tiniest insects.  Fingers that are accustomed to pinching, pushing, smashing, and destroying, are now encouraged to gently feel, touch, hold, examine, and even play.

All creatures including ants, caterpillars, dragonflies, butterflies, millipedes and beetles are bravely greeted with a warm, “Hello!” Critters found inside the classroom are caught and released back into nature.  In this picture the students have stumbled onto a caterpillar, which if left alone in our bike zone would certainly perish! But with kindness, compassion, and a little quick thinking, these eco-friendly kindergartners are quite successful in relocating the tiny beast back to safety! 

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