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As we start the new school year, we are so happy to see the familiar faces of the returning students and to welcome the new ones! Some students are returning just after the weekend and our summer camp. Others we haven't seen since the end of the last term. Others are returning from before the COVID-19 shutdown. And some students are brand new members of our OISCA family. We are pleased to welcome them all.

A custom for marking the opening of a new location or the start of an event is the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony. As we start our new school year, we had a Tie-Cutting Ceremony and asked some of our students to cut my necktie. This curious custom was something I personally witnessed as a primary school student. Each year, our principal would choose a student to cut the tie. While I never got chosen to do it, I always enjoyed watching this symbolic gesture. Luckily, I escaped with my neck intact!

For all of our students, the new year marks a new adventure: a new classroom, a new teacher, new friends and new experiences as well. We look forward to another great year together at OISCA.

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