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The Joys of Hopscotch

One of the joys of working with children is introducing new things to them and seeing how they react. It's like when you have a favorite restaurant and recommend it to a friend and they too enjoy it as much as you do - the joy is amplified. Similarly, we feel disappointed when a friend informs you that your favorite place is just 'ok.'

Here the students are introduced to the game of hopscotch - an old favorite from many of the teachers' childhoods. Luckily, the students loved it and had a great deal of fun. Games are not only a chance for fun but a good opportunity for students to work on many skills such as teamwork, communication, learning how to take turns, learning the ups and downs of winning and losing. Additionally, in this case, the game is a physical one, so skills like physical coordination, fitness, and exercise all play a factor.

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