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Thank You

From Mid-March, all schools in Thailand were shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As ordered by the Ministry of Education, we implemented our online education option. The OISCA E-Learning Program was an entirely new adventure. Teaching young learners entirely online is not at all an ideal situation for anyone. However, we understood the necessity of some form of contact between the teachers and students and between the students themselves. For the teachers, it was a tricky puzzle to piece together. How to engage and educate the young students without being by their side and being able to guide them physically? For the students, many of whom are still working on the most basic skills, focusing for even a short amount of time through an electronic medium was a daunting task. For the parents, many of whom were also working from home and having to balance family life - as well as other siblings who had their own online learning - it was very demanding on energy and time.

It's Mid-June now, and the government has given permission to re-open international schools again. We are back and we made it through. Most importantly, we made it through together. We want to take this opportunity to thank those who took this adventure with us. Thank you, teachers. Thank you, students. Thank you, parents.

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