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Spring Cleaning

The idea of spring cleaning. Winter is finally over and those in a cold climate are now able to open the doors and windows wide open - let the fresh air flow through as they clean out the dust and dirt from the previous season. It is a 'physical cleaning' but can also be a time to reflect and do a 'mental cleaning.' What bad habits can I get rid of? Do I have any mistakes or regrets that I can learn from? At our school, we do the same. A huge physical cleaning but also a time to reflect on how to improve on our school.

Students learn the importance of cleanliness and are taught to wash their hands, before and after meals, after they go to the toilet, and after especially messy activities. They are taught to tidy up their materials and toys that they play with. They are taught to handle their belongings in a neat manner. They are taught to line up in an orderly way. We teach them how to do it and inform them as to why they are doing it. Then we build on the teachings and put them into practice daily -so that good habits form quickly. Teachers consonantly evaluate the students and think about ways to help them improve even further.

As for the actual school itself, since we teach our students the importance of hygiene, we must also "practice what we preach" - as they say. Every pencil, every toy, every seat - basically every surface was cleaned during our spring cleaning day to insure the continued health and safety of our students and staff.

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