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Security Blanket

During the first two weeks of school some of the Pre-K students were having some difficulty in saying goodbye to their parents. We can’t help but share the story of Jimmy and Paengnual.

Jimmy is too attached to his blanket. But who can blame him? It is the thing which he finds his only comfort after his parents have dropped him off and waved goodbye. We, teachers usually play with him while waiting for the other students to arrive. When Paengnual arrives, she often cries and keeps calling out for ‘mummy’.

One day Jimmy noticed this and took action. He went near Paengnual and shared his blanket with her. Because it comforted him, he thinks it will also give the same comfort to his distressed classmate. Believe me, Jimmy was right. It did comfort her. Security blanket saved the day!

One of the prime areas of development is Personal, Social and Emotional. At this very young age, they develop the sense of being helpful and to give comfort to others. Now Jimmy and Paengnual are happily settled in the Pre-K class. They enjoy playing with all their friends. Security blanket saves the day!

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