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 Revision Week: A Journey of Reinforcement and Exploration

By Teacher Nicole

"Knowledge is Power" (Sir Francis Bacon)

 At OISCA International, the Revision Week stands as a pivotal milestone, where the Year 1 students consolidate their learnings and embark on a voyage of discovery. With a shared sense of camaraderie, the children eagerly recollect word families, each taking the lead in guiding their peers through the process of memorization and recall.

 As the Revision Week unfolds, the students' vocabularies expand far beyond the confines of their initial lessons. The aim is to broaden their linguistic horizons through a myriad of engaging methods and techniques. They might draw words on the whiteboard, illustrate their favorite concepts, complete sentences by selecting suitable words, or create artistic masterpieces through drawing, crafting, or clay modeling.

The exploration extends beyond language alone, venturing into realms of science, geography, and history. The Writing Center becomes a vibrant hub, where the children craft messages, further solidifying their newfound knowledge and igniting their passion for self-expression.

 This week is a testament to the boundless potential of young minds, as they eagerly absorb, reinforce, and transcend the boundaries of their initial learnings, paving the way for a lifetime of intellectual curiosity and growth.

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